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The Value of a Sign
Advantages Of Signs To A Business
A Sign is Necessary to the Success of a Business: Many industries can attribute a large percentage of business to their signs. Some fast-food outlets attribute as much as 80 percent of their business to their on-premise signage; the travel industry 30 percent; gas retailing 50 percent; and hotels and motels 50 percent. A visible, readable sign can make the difference between profit and loss for many businesses.

Advertising Cost Benefits: When compared to other advertising costs such as radio, newspaper, television and direct mail, an on-premise sign is inexpensive. For example, the cost per 1,000 adult exposures with a sign is only a few pennies for 24-hour-a-day coverage. In addition, an on-premise sign cultivates cumulative, long-term awareness of a business, stimulating repeat or "brand-loyal" buying of the products and services offered.

For businesses with a limited advertising budget, a sign is an inexpensive method to maximize returns per dollar spent.

Economic Considerations
Financing: A business plan should include signage as a major part of the marketing strategy. Because signage is vital to a small business it should be included in any loan package. Your sign is a permanently visible part of your business and should be considered as an investment. Signs are the most efficient, effective and consistent revenue-generating device for small business.

What Signs Can Do For Your Business
Information And Directional Functions: Signs identify a business and provide information about it. A noticeable and readable on-premise sign not only alerts the public, but tells them about services offered, prices and hours.

Service Trade Area: A trade area is the marketing vicinity from which a business owner draws customers -usually within a half mile to a mile of the business. Trade areas differ in shape and size depending on the business and its reliance on transportation networks and may vary seasonally. A sign communicates important information to consumers located in or passing through the immediate trade area.

Build Image: Signs are an effective marketing tool in building an image for your business and in helping you identify the market segment you are trying to reach. Through materials and design, a sign can appeal to a given group of potential customers. Color and lighting effects can enhance the impact and psychological response to your business.

Enhance Advertising Recall: Signs reinforce other advertising expenditures by repeating commercial messages. Many national firms incorporate their logo into their mass media advertising campaigns, such as television, thus increasing product or service awareness.

Generate Impulse Business: Signs generate business by catching the attention of visitors and newcomers who traverse a trade area. Studies show approximately 50 percent of all consumer items are purchased on impulse sales directly attributable to signage drawing consumers to the point of purchase.

What Signs Can Do For Community & Neighborhood
Enhance Aesthetic Environment: Signs enhance the environment by making certain zones of the city more attractive and dynamic and giving them a particular atmosphere. Because the environment is so important, quality signage conveys an image of responsible citizenship by a business owner.

Help Community Safety: Signs perform two major community safety functions: crime reduction and traffic accident reduction. A well-placed, visible, attractive sign helps direct vehicular and pedestrian traffic, allowing ample time for driver decision making, thus reducing the potential for traffic accidents. Government studies found highway vehicle accidents actually decrease at intersections where there is commercial signage.

Ambient lighting from signs is a major crime deterrent in urban areas. Police reported a 30 percent rise in crime when downtown signs were turned off during the energy crisis of the 1976s. People feel safer entering well-lighted commercial areas.

What Is A Sign?
Most businesses, regardless of size, depend heavily on signage to support their branding and create more local awareness. Signs help people find you; attract people who pass your establishment; present an image of your business; and tell potential customers what goods or services you offer. Signs are the primary form of advertising for small business.

On-premise business signage differs from outdoor advertising billboards which market national products. On premise signs tell people who you are and what goods and services you sell. Signs are a form of landscape art enhancing your commercial area and surrounding environment.

Signs are a link between transportation and communication. Each year, 40 million people travel more than 1.7 trillion miles by automobile. Your sign is the most effective way of reaching this mobile group of potential customers.
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