The Value of Chiropractic Signs

Signage extremely beneficial to chiropractors. As a service that someone uses multiple times a week or month, it’s important for you to target people in close proximity to your offices. Most of your clients will likely live within a five-mile radius and pass by your establishment four times a week. Chiropractic signs allow you to target your advertising exactly to these people who have the most potential to be your customer. This location-based targeting allows you to reach more people who would actually convert as a customer, increasing the amount of new clients.

Two Combination Lighted and LED Signs for Chiropractors

How to Effectively Use Your Chiropractic Signs

Chiropractors should consider creating a welcoming entrance so your patients feel at ease and your offices portray a tranquil environment.

Lalo's Auto Sales Business Sign - LED

Opt for a lighted sign to display outside your business. The lighted sign should have an eye-catching visual along with your business name to create a powerful advertisement. Consider using cool colors that reflect the health and peacefulness of your practice.


Example LED Sign for Chiropractors
Rightway Automotive Red Truck Business Sign - lighted

The key to making it easy for customers to remember your business is to use striking visuals along with your business names. Research shows that people are better able to recall visuals than they are text. Invest in a lighted sign that’s designed by a professional for best results.


Example Lighted _ LED Sign for Chiropractors

To make the best impression on your potential customers, combine a plastic lighted sign with a digital sign to get the balance of visual and textual elements.


Coleman High School Lighted Sign and LED Sign Combination

Our Signs are an Affordable and Worthwhile Investment for Chiropractic Offices