LED Signs

LED Signs:
The Best Return on Investment

Thanks to the rise of technology, LED signs are more popular and effective than ever. These signs make a long-lasting impact that capture the attention of potential customers with vibrant colors and unique advertisements. With the ability to update your electronic signs as often as you’d like, you can promote certain specials, discounts, products, or services to draw people to stop at your business that day. About 83% of business owners who installed a LED sign noticed an increase in sales. The impact of a digital sign is undeniable. Customers notice these flashy signs, and the enticing advertisements encourage them to make an unplanned stop at your business. If you’re ready to increase your sales, invest in an electronic sign today. Because the cost of a sign per thousand impressions is less than 10% of any other form of advertising, the sign will quickly pay for itself. You’ll notice an increase in business within days of displaying your new sign.

89% of Business Owners with Electronic Signs Would Recommend Them to Others


Outdoor LED Sign

Outdoor LED Signs

With eye-catching colors and design, our outdoor LED signs capture the attention of thousands of people who drive by your business every day. Potential customers will be drawn to the colors and ever-changing advertising.

Indoor LED Sign for a Coffee Shop

Indoor Digital Electronic

An indoor LED sign is a simple way to encourage customers to spend more money at your store. Electronic signs in stores encourage shoppers to spend up to 30% more time browsing, which increases the chances that they spend more.

Indoor LED Sign for a Coffee Shop

Types of LED Signs


Single-Cabinet, Double-Sided Signs

Available for Outdoor Use

Capture the attention of as many potential customers as possible with a double-sided sign. These signs will feature an attention-grabbing message that can be seen from two directions, making it the ideal choice for businesses on busy streets.

Single-Sided Signs

Available for Indoor and Outdoor Use

If your business is located on a one-way street, or you plan to mount your signage on the side of your building, the single-sided signs is the best option for you. It will target customers from one point of view.

Color Options for LED Signs


Full-Color Electronic Message Centers

To make the biggest impact, choose a full-color LED message board. You can display high resolution photos, graphics, animations, and even video, giving you the most options for your advertisements. No matter what your display, you’ll be sure to capture the attention of dozens of potential customers!

Tri-Color Electronic Message Centers

Reap the benefits of advertising with digital signage with this simple-to-use option. These displays use vibrant red, green, and yellow colors to get your business noticed. You can communication with graphics or text, giving you the flexibility and attention-grabbing design your business needs.

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The User-Friendly Technology of LED Signs

Programming your sign is simple and only takes a matter of minutes thanks to modern technology. You can create stunning visuals using text, graphics, images, and videos. The advanced software lets you schedule different advertisements to run at specific dates and times, so you don’t have to worry about managing it on a daily basis. Our easy-to-use software allows you to design, build, and install your display seamlessly. About 90% of business owners say that they didn’t have trouble using the LED technology. The system also helps you create the right messages for your business, so the sign is working to effectively attract potential customers day and night. With our extensive tutorials and guides, you can quickly learn how to create visually-stunning displays for your LED signs. We host software training webinars and offer live chat support to ensure each and every business owner is getting the most out of their electronic signs.

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