Clothing Store

The Value of Clothing Store Signs

It’s extremely important for clothing stores to use signage. Although you may have an ecommerce website, most people want to go into a store, browse, and try things on. Clothing stores have a distinct advantage over other types of businesses because many people will make an impulse purchase at a retailer. Because of the nature of this type of business, it’s extremely important to capitalize on unplanned shopping and purchases by using clothing store signs.

Two Combination Lighted and LED Signs for Clothing Stores

How to Effectively Use Your Clothing Store Signs

They key to success as a retail store is to make sure your potential customers know that your business exists and to encourage people to make an unplanned purchase. Clothing store signs make that easy for business owners.

Lalo's Auto Sales Business Sign - LED

You can use LED signs throughout your store to attract people to specific points of purchase, such as a sale section or new product area. Studies show that 50% of unplanned purchases are due to signage drawing customers to specific areas in the store. With the ability to constantly change your digital signs, it’s the best way to increase the amount of money customers spend at your business.


Example LED Sign for Clothing Stores
Example Lighted Sign For Clothing Stores

Use a lighted sign to advertise your business 24/7 and visually represent the clothing you sell. Working with a sign designer, you can come up with a striking graphic that illustrates your products in a way that will make people want to stop in.


Example Lighted _ LED Sign for Clothing Stores

Invest in a clothing store sign that combines lighted and LED signage. Displaying this in your storefront window or in front of your business will offer incentive for customers to stop in that day. You can run promotions on the digital signage, while the lighted sign provides consistent, visual branding.


Example Lighted _ LED Sign for Clothing Stores

Our Signs are an Affordable and Worthwhile Investment for Clothing Stores