The Value of Hospital Signs

Hospitals have two goals. The first is to make it easy for those in need to find their location during an emergency. The second is to showcase the non-emergency services that are available to patients. The right hospital signs can effectively achieve these goals, allowing the hospital to both serve the community while also attracting more customers.

Two Combination Lighted and LED Signs for Hospitals

How to Effectively Use Hospital Signs

Hospital signs need to be vibrant and large so people can easily navigate to the location. They should also reflect the quality of the hospital since 68% of customers believe that a business’ signage directly reflects the quality of their services.

Example LED Sign for Hospitals

The best way to promote a hospital’s additional services is through use of digital signage. Since you can change the message as often as you’d like, you’ll be able to highlight other aspects of the hospital, fundraisers, or wellness programs.


Lalo's Auto Sales Business Sign - LED
Example Lighted Sign For Hospitals

Make it clear to customers that you’re located where you are by creating a prominent advertisement with a lighted sign. This type of sign can be seen day or night. You should also use visuals on this type of sign to give drivers a quick way to understand its a hospital.


Example Lighted _ LED Sign for Hospitals

The best way for hospitals to achieve both goals of making it clear where they are located and highlighting non-emergency services, is to combine a lighted sign with LED signage. Doing so will allow you to target people in two distinct ways that will improve the representation of the hospital and gain more clients.


Example Lighted _ LED Sign for Hospitals

Our Signs are an Affordable and Worthwhile Investment for Hospitals