Pawn Shop

The Value of Pawn Shop Signs

The challenge pawn shop owners face is a constantly changing inventory, which makes it difficult to advertise specific products and to get customers to stop in on a regular basis. Radio and newspaper ads simply aren’t the most effective marketing strategy for your business. Fortunately, pawn shop signs provide exactly the type of advertising your store needs. A custom sign that is both aesthetically-pleasing and properly displayed will give your pawn shop a consistent advertisement, which will encourage customers to make unplanned stops at your store.

Two Combination Lighted and LED Signs for a Pawn Shop

How to Effectively Use Your Pawn Shop Signs

Finding the right customers for your pawn shop is just a matter of advertising to them in the right way. With nearly 60 years of experience, we’ve worked to increase the business at pawn shops across the country, and know exactly what makes a successful sign.

Example LED Sign for a Pawn Shop

Studies have proven that LED signs used throughout a store increase the amount of time customers spend browsing by up to 30 percent. It’s that extra time that customers spend browsing that will allow them to find that unique piece they cannot live without.


Example LED Sign for a Pawn Shop
Example Lighted Sign For a Pawn Shop

To establish your business and make it attractive for potential customers, use a lighted sign for your outdoor signage. A well-lit sign with your brand name and an attention-grabbing design will consistently make an impression on those driving by.


Example Lighted _ LED Sign for a Pawn Shop

Combining a lighted sign and an LED sign will make your pawn shop stand out and attract new customers. Using an outdoor LED sign, you have the ability to advertise specific products each day. With LED signs, you can change the messaging as often as you’d like, making it extremely easy and effective for pawn shop owners to promote their ever-changing stock.


Coleman High School Lighted Sign and LED Sign Combination

Our Signs are an Affordable and Worthwhile Investment for Pawn Shops