The Value of Veterinary Signs

Veterinary businesses have two goals. The first is to attract new clients and the second is to showcase the products or services other than medical services for pets. Many veterinarians offer special grooming, dental care, training, and even sell products, but not many people think of those things when they think of a veterinary. The right veterinary signs can achieve both of these goals.

Two Combination Lighted and LED Signs for a Veterinary

How to Effectively Use Hospital Signs

Because a veterinary is a location-based service, 80% of your potential customers live within a five-mile radius and drive by four times a week, giving you plenty of opportunity to capture new customers with effective signage.

Example LED Sign for a Veterinary

The best way to promote all of the offerings of a veterinary is by using digital signage. You can change the message as often as you’d like, giving you the ability to highlight the additional products and services you offer aside from medical check-ups and treatment.


Example LED Sign for a Veterinary
Example Lighted Sign For a Veterinary

Establish your business’ presence with a well-designed lighted sign. This type of sign can be seen day or night. Using graphics on your lighted sign will give drivers a quick way to understand what your business is and make it easier for them to recall it when they are in need of your services.


Example Lighted _ LED Sign for a Veterinary

The best way for veterinarians to achieve both goals of attracting new customers and showcase all of their products and services, is to combine a lighted sign with LED signage. Doing so will allow you to target people in two unique ways that will attract new clients and give you more businesses on a regular basis.


Example Lighted _ LED Sign for a Veterinary

Our Signs are an Affordable and Worthwhile Investment for Veterinarians