Signtronix Frequently Asked Questions

General Sign Questions

Q: Why do I need a new sign for my business?

You have just a few seconds to catch a potential customer’s attention when they’re driving or walking by your business. To capture the attention of new customers and increase your business, you need a sign that represents your brand. A well-designed and carefully-made sign is the most cost-effective and powerful marketing and advertising tool you could ever have.

Q: Who designs the signs? Do we have to?

A: No, we have a professional design team that is trained on sign design. We create signs that are advertising signs, as opposed to identifying signs. We create signs that—in less than 3 seconds—let people know who you are, what you do, and how professional you are. We create signs that advertise your business and stand out just like the big franchise signs.

Q: How much are your signs?

A: We have signs of all sizes and prices. We also have financing options and programs to make your sign more affordable. Let one of our trained professionals help you determine the best sign for your business. You don’t want to invest in something that won’t bring in customers and/or help grow your business.

Q: What kind of signs do you make?

A: We make the finest, high-quality lighted signs and LED message signs in the country. We make products for indoor or window use and for outdoor applications.

Plastic Lighted Sign Questions

Q: We are only open in the daytime. Why do we need a lighted sign?

A: You may only be open in the daytime, but your customers are driving by day and night. We build and design advertising signs. We want people to know who you are and what you do and remember you 24 hours a day.

Q: Can I use my logo on your signs?

A: Yes. We have the finest state-of-the-art equipment. If it can be done, we can do it.

Q: How big are your signs?

A: We have many signs in various sizes. Outdoor lighted signs range in size from a 2 ft x 6 ft up to an 8 ft x12 ft or 4 ft x 20 ft. Indoor lighted and LED signs range anywhere from 29 inches in height to 60 inches in width. LED signs starting at 40 inches can be displayed in the window and outdoor EMC signs range from 6 ft up to as large as Billboard signs.

Q: How long will my new sign last?

A: We use a virtually-indestructible polycarbonate material and high-quality lighting to create striking, durable signs for your business. We are so confident that your sign will hold up against anything nature (or mankind) can throw at it, that we offer a 10-year warranty—guaranteeing the sign face panels against breakage.

Digital Electronic Sign Questions

Q: Do I have to use the same image on each side of the double-sided LED sign?

A: Our double-sided EMCs are capable to do both. We ship them out configured to automatically duplicate content of both faces, but the software has an option to split the frame and have separate content for each face. You can experiment with either option to see which works best for your business needs.

Q: How do I change the image or message on my digital electronic sign?

A: Each of our digital signs comes with a special software program that allows you to easily customize your sign right from your computer. Visit our Customer Service page to view tutorials on creating messages, scheduling messages in advance, and more.

Q: What are the benefits of a digital electronic sign?

A: Digital electronic signs can be customized any time you like to meet your business needs. Having an impromptu sale? You can advertise it to your community immediately with just a few clicks of your computer mouse. Want to send a special holiday message to drivers passing by? Not a problem! When compared to stagnant signs, digital electronic signs give you the opportunity to attract customers and communicate with them.

Q: What colors can I use on my sign?

A: We offer full-color and tri-color LED signs to help you get your message across in the most appealing way possible. Our full-color signs can display photo-realistic graphics and full-motion video. Our tri-color signs let you display text communications and simple graphics in vibrant red, green, and yellow colors.

Start customizing your business sign!