Indoor LED

Transform Your Storefront with Indoor Digital Signs

Transform your business’s storefront into a marketing and advertising opportunity with custom indoor or window LED signage. Though smaller than their outdoor counterparts, our indoor digital electronic signs are made with the same high-quality materials as our outdoor signs and are just as bright and eye catching. The beauty of our indoor signs is their versatility. Display yours in your store window for pedestrians and cars to see or in a prominent place inside your store to call attention to a specific area or product. Studies show approximately 50% of unplanned purchases are a result of indoor signage drawing consumers to the point of purchase. Our indoor signs—which can be seen perfectly even in direct sunlight—are designed to help you promote impulse buying, advertise promotional events, and more.

Types of Indoor Digital Signs

Full-Color Electronic Message Centers

Enjoy virtually-endless message possibilities and communicate with your customers and community in full color with this sign. The SunStar LED message board comes in 3 sizes, each of which is capable of displaying up to 8 lines of text or the full image of your choice.

Tri-Color Electronic Message Centers

Tri-Color Electronic Message Sign - Indoor LED Sign for Auto Parts

Featuring vibrant green, red, and yellow, our tri-colored electronic message centers are available in 40-inch or 62-inch sizes. Use your tri-colored scrolling LED sign to create on-the-fly promotional events, increase impulse buys, and attract new customers to your store.