Outdoor LED

Make a Bold Statement with Outdoor LED Signs

In the age of technology, we are naturally drawn to things that are flashy, bright, and different from the norm. When driving down the road, it’s exactly those elements that stand out from their surroundings and capture our attention. With vibrant colors and changeable messages, outdoor digital electronic LED sign boards are designed to captivate and intrigue anyone passing by. Your custom LED sign board will give you the ability to announce any sale, special, or custom message at any time. Approximately 83% of businesses that installed a digital sign saw an increase in sales, proving that the signs are just as effective as they are eye-catching. With attention grabbing color, our digital electronic signs give you the most powerful way to get noticed by thousands of people who pass by your business every day.


Our Work

  • Indoor Combo Plastic Digital Vet Business Sign

Types of Outdoor LED Signs

Single-Cabinet, Double-Sided Signs

Double Sided Plastic Lighted Sign and Digital Sign Display

The single-cabinet, double-sided sign features a display on each side to capture the attention of consumers all around. Your striking digital display can be mounted on a single pole, double pole, or projection mount. Pair it with a plastic lighted sign for the biggest impact!

Single-Sided Signs

Go Digital Single Sided Business Sign

Single-sided digital signs are ideal for businesses only needing to target potential consumers from one point of view. Your digital signage might be mounted on the side of your business or on a pole facing the direction of passing consumers. Either way, your digital sign will grab attention!

Color Options for Outdoor LED Signs

Full-Color Electronic Message Centers

Our full-color electronic message centers (EMCs) are, without a doubt, the most eye-catching and versatile signs you can have for your business. The high-resolution LED display lets you display photo-realistic graphics, gorgeous animations, and full-motion video.

Tri-Color Electronic Message Centers

Oak Park Dental Sign With Tricolor Digital Sign

Available in different sizes to meet your business’s needs, our tri-colored LED message sign features vibrant red, green, and yellow/amber colors. The beautiful display gets you noticed and has the ability to show text communications as well as simple graphics and animations.