Outdoor Lighted

Make a Great First Impression with Outdoor Lighted Signs

Outdoor Plastic Lighted Auto Repair Business Sign

As a local business, more often than not, you only have one chance to grab the attention of a potential customer. Typically, the customer’s first interaction with your business occurs without you even realizing it. This is because the first thing they’re going to see your business’s sign. More than 50% of consumers say that poor signage deters them from going into a business, and 60% indicated that a lack of signage does the same. If your sign is too small, worn, outdated, features text only, or doesn’t represent your brand accurately, it could be doing you much more harm than good. Custom-designed and built with your business and target customer in mind, our outdoor plastic signs are the easiest way to make a great first impression every time.

Types of Outdoor Lighted Signs

Signtronix Classic Signs

The Signtronix Classic professional business sign is our flagship outdoor illuminated sign, which uses a vacuum-forming process to create each sign face. This vacuum forming creates the unique 3D or raised look of the words and graphics on the sign.

Dynalite Signs

Carlsbad RV Center Parts Sales and Service The Road is Calling Sign - dynalite

First introduced in 1964, our Dynalite signs consist of a modular sign system that allows you to combine text and graphic elements in different configurations to create the biggest visual bang that will capture the attention of your potential customers.

Crystalite Signs

GNC Motors Crystalite Outdoor Business Sign

Our newest and most captivating custom sign is the Crystalite sign. Using high-resolution photos and a proprietary manufacturing process, we can print almost any graphic, logo, or layout you want on virtually-unbreakable polycarbonate material.

Hybrid Signs

Vape Shop Business Sign

Create the most eye-catching sign by choosing the hybrid style. It combines the high-resolution of Crystalite signs with the 3D or raised look of the Signtronix Classic sign, giving you the most aesthetically-pleasing design for your business.

Shapes of Indoor Plastic Lighted Signs

Choose one of our unique sign shapes like arch or keep a traditional look with a rectangular shape. You can combine the more than one sign with different shapes to create a stunning visual display for your business. You can also choose from a variety of sizes and mounting options that will be best for your business.