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With roots in the Old West, Salt Lake City is at once quaint and fun. At any given time, new or established residents of the city are moving from point A to point B, relying on various signs of all degrees of quality to tell them where to go to be entertained, grab a quick bite, or finally find shoes that fit. As a business owner, you have endless opportunities to earn the attention of those passing by with the help of a well-designed business sign. A well-designed sign should be the crown of your business; it is both a landmark for those who have found you through internet searches, as well as a proverbial wave to people who are new, or on vacation, that you have something for them. The signage for your business is important, and should be as unique as your mission. As experts in the sign industry for more than 50 years, Signtronix can help you design and create the ideal sign.

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Custom Business Signs

Utah summers are no joke, and it is no surprise that ice cream is, very often, an answer to cope with the extremely hot and heavy air. Running a soda fountain with a charming 1950s style is a fun business idea, and one that could could be a good candidate for a custom lighted sign. A vintage, old-time restaurant is one of the few instances when an old-fashioned style sign would vividly compliment the business. As technology and business needs have evolved, so have we. Over the years, we have been creating new and advanced sign products to help support your unique goals. For an ice cream and soda shoppe, the accompanying lighted sign could rotate, flashing on and off, really making your business stand out among others. Our products range from minimalistic plastic signs, suitable for little ice cream shoppes, to full-color LED signs to meet your needs. Any of our signs can help you make a huge visual impact on your consumers.

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Your community members deserve attractive visual cues as they’re passing by your business, and your business needs and deserves their attention. If you want to appeal to them in the best possible way, you need to present your message through a high-quality sign made just for you. Custom signs have a hidden double benefit: with people able to easily find you, they will be able to find nearby unrelated businesses, patronizing those unrelated businesses, and putting more money back into the community. Your soda fountain and ice cream shoppe sign could be just close enough to a pet shop that someone is reminded that they are out of cat food, saving them a trip out of the way later. With the rise of surrounding businesses, even more people will see your custom sign, and head over to see where it all started. Let us help you create the sign that will set you apart from the other Salt Lake City businesses!