9 Reasons to Re-evaluate Your Sign

A sign is the face of a company. It signals to people that you are there and promotes your products or services. A good sign can create impulse buyers, help build your brand, and create word-of-mouth marketing. A bad sign can do just the opposite. Here are some tips you can use to decide whether or not you need new signage.

  1. Is your sign noticeable? There is a direct correlation between sign visibility and business. The more visible and readable your sign, the more likely people are to interact with your business. Placement, legibility, and your message are all something to look at.
  2. Is your sign obstructed? The worst thing short of not having a sign is having an obstructed sign. If your sign is even partly obstructed, customers won’t get the full message and will likely not do business with you.
  3. Are you making a good first impression? You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression. Your sign is representative of your business and lets customers see all your features and benefits. A properly designed sign can create top-of-the-mind awareness with consumers. In other words, when they think of a product or service that you carry, they think of your business first. The repetitive passing of an effective sign creates an instant visual association between the consumer’s need and your business.
  4. Are you appealing to impulse buyers? Impulse buyers make up a hefty portion of business for most businesses. You want your sign to urge them to come buy your product by it being associated with your sign.
  5. Is your message short and sweet? A heavily designed sign can be hard to understand and less likely to create business. If your sign has more than three lines of text on it, it is probably cluttered and hard to read. Simple is the way to go.
  6. Is your sign memorable? The more memorable the sign is, the more likely repeat customers will come back to your business. If they can remember your sign and where your business is located over the competition, you’ll get the business.
  7. Is your sign illuminated? During the day, you don’t need an illuminated sign. LED signs can create an added attraction, but daylight does the trick in making your sign visible. However, when the sun goes down, you likely need an illuminated sign or external light to keep your message visible. Illuminated signs are the best bet because they distribute light evenly through your sign, making it easier to see. They also don’t rely on sources of light that you may not be able to control.
  8. Is your sign closest to the viewer? Ever wonder why signs are posted as close to the road as possible? This is because signs closest to the customer are more likely to engage them. If your sign isn’t close to high traffic areas, it might be time to move it.
  9. Are you using colors correctly? Color is a great tool for grabbing attention. Certain colors also cause certain emotions that can help business. This is why fast food chains use red and yellow. They create a sense of urgency to get customers to buy fast food on impulse

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