A Broken Record. But it’s Worth Playing Again.

What’s The Best Type of Small Business Advertising?

Forgive me for repeating myself and for sounding a little “preachy”.  But I am very passionate about what we create, but more importantly, for what our creations DO for our customers – the small businesses of America.  I can’t stress enough how important the entrepreneur is in our society – and what they’ve done to grow our country.  If it wasn’t for the entrepreneurs and their indomitable spirits – we wouldn’t be who we are as a country – as a great nation.  Let’s not forget that.

Small business owners and entrepreneurs – my hat off to you for your hard work and most certainly stressful challenges that you’ve endured over the years – and will continue to face and endure.  That’s just the nature of running your own business.

Now – when our salespeople visit business owners across the country and talk about the value of signage – many simply don’t think that a sign alone can make a significant difference for their business. That’s understandable.  Most aren’t educated in the value of signage and outdoor advertising like Signtronix salespeople and employees so therefore just don’t know.  However – when I see thousands of letters written by customers that all talk about how the sign has helped them grow – you definitely get a sense of just how powerful a sign is for any business that wants exposure and new customers – and more regular return customers.

Here is one of many videos we’ve received from customers who love their small business sign.  Watch it.  Then do something about it if you’re a business owner that wants more business to come your way.  If you know any business owners – help them by passing this advertising information along to them.  No change can be made without action taken!

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