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How to Choose the Right Business Signs

Which Business Signs Are Right for Your Brand?

Are you considering upgrading your business signage? No matter what industry you’re in, business signs have the power to become your ultimate marketing and advertising tool. When your signs are designed well, constructed properly, and displayed in the right spot, they can help you accomplish any number of goals. These may include—but are certainly not limited to—driving more impulse business, increasing your day-to-day profits, and sending messages to your consumers.

But before you can start accomplishing these goals and enjoying the other benefits of business signs, you’ll have to choose the right type of signage to support your brand. The right sign can be the difference between being overlooked by the public and being noticed. Learn more about the most common types of signage and how each one can help you with your business goals.

Plastic Lighted Signs

Available in different sizes and shapes for indoor or outdoor use, plastic lighted signs can help you establish your brand identity and draw people toward your business. The two main parts of these signs are the sign face—which can feature your logo, business name, slogan, or another custom design; and the inner structure—which contains high-output fluorescent lighting. If you want to tell your community who you are and what you have to offer, this is the way to do so.

Digital Electronic Signs

Also available in a variety of sizes for indoor or outdoor use, digital electronic signs let you send custom messages to your community and customers. Choose from monochrome, tri-color, or full-color models to effectively reach your audience. You’ll be able to program your sign at any time to display the text, animations, graphics, or videos of your choosing.

Indoor Business Signs

Indoor signs are most useful for helping you communicate with consumers who are right outside your storefront or those who are already inside. Many business owners use their indoor signage to highlight new products, advertise sales and specials, or draw attention to specific areas within their stores.

Outdoor Business Signs

Outdoor signs are the most common types of business signs because of their extreme effectiveness. Place yours on your roof, the side of your building, or at the edge of the parking lot to let anyone passing by know who you are as a brand and what you have to offer. Because your sign is in a prominent location all day long, you’ll get 24/7 advertising without having to try. The right signage will help increase your impulse business and help you increase your brand awareness within your community.

Combination Business Signs

While each one of the above types is effective on its own, combining two different types of signs can really help you make a big impact on your consumers. Many business owners opt for an outdoor sign and an indoor sign or a plastic lighted with a digital sign to complement it. Whatever combination you choose, you should be able to drastically increase your business and profits!


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