Creating Memorable Business Signs

In an interesting article on, the author discusses how he believes “MEMORABLE” business signs should be created.  That’s exactly what you should be trying to achieve.  Your sign should be memorable so it constantly creates that important “top-of-mind awareness” that we’ve discussed so often.  But all too often, business owners create boring, uninspired, and completely “invisible” signs that nobody notices or cares about.

The five most common mistakes made in business-sign design are:

  1. attempting to be understated or elegant;
  2. attempting to “fit,” or blend into, the surrounding environment;
  3. underspending;
  4. including too much information; and
  5. placing the sign too high. (The eyes of drivers tend to stay focused at windshield height. Low signs are better in town. Tall signs are better on freeways where they’ll be read–at windshield height–from great distances.)

What you SHOULD do with your sign is BE DRAMATIC and BE DIFFERENT! Check out the full article here.  Good luck!


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