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Where to Display Your Business Signs: A Placement Guide

How to Choose the Right Placement for Your Business Signs

You’ve decided on new signage for your business, and you’re ready to get the process started so you can start reaping the benefits. Before you can finalize your design or message, you’ll need to choose where you’re going to display your sign. The location of your sign can affect which types of sign will be most effective, how large your sign should be, and what goals your new signage will help support.

The first basic decision you’ll need to make regarding your business signs is whether to place your signs indoors or outdoors.  Each of the different locations can help you support a different business goal through your signage. To help you decide which of these would work best for your business and marketing/advertising goals, here are some placement ideas for both indoor and outdoor signs.

How to Use Indoor Signs

Indoor signs are great tools for getting the attention of consumers, patients, or visitors who are already inside of or near your business. Plastic indoor signs let you display useful information like your name, logo, hours, and more. But one of the most effective uses comes from indoor LED signs. These types of signs can be updated whenever you want to advertise new products, sales, specials, and more. You’ll have a much better chance at closing the deal for any of your consumers who may need a little bit of a push.

Placement Options for Indoor Signs

When it comes to indoor signs, you’ll typically have two options, dependent upon your business structure and size. The two basic options are:

  • On a Wall in a Prominent Location
  • In a Window Display Facing Outward

A sign on a wall can help you draw attention to a specific area in your store, while a sign in a window display can help you get the attention of someone walking or driving by your storefront.

How to Use Outdoor Signs

Indoor signs are most effective at reaching nearby consumers, while outdoor signs can help you get the attention of consumers who are farther away. The two main types of outdoor signs are plastic lighted and LED signs—each of which can help you get the attention of and communicate to your community. Plastic lighted signs are great for telling passersby who you are, and LED signs are visually striking and let you change your messages whenever.

Placement Options for Outdoor Signs

By choosing outdoor signs over indoor signs, you’ll typically have more options for where to place your signage. Depending on your location and business structure, you may be able to place your signage directly on your building, at the end of the parking lot, in front of your door, or down the road. Your most basic mounting options include:

  • Roof Mount
  • Wall Mount
  • Pole Mount
  • Mounted Between Two Poles

Custom Business Signs for Any Industry

Custom business signs can help you increase the amount of business walking through your doors (and your profits) when they are designed well and placed in the right spot. If you’re still undecided about which placement option would be best for your business and signage, we’d love to help you choose the most effective way to use your signs.

Ready to get a quote on a custom sign? Want to learn more about the sign-making process? Contact us with any specific questions. Learn more about each of the different types of signs and how to use them most effectively below.


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