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Should You Display Text or Graphics on Your Custom Signs?

How to Decide What to Display On Your Custom Signs

You’ve decided to invest in new custom signs for your business. Now it’s time to start thinking about what you’re going to display on the sign. When you’re considering the final product, you might be considering using graphics, text content, or a combination of both. While each of these can help you achieve a specific goal, each one also has a unique set of benefits and downsides.

Choosing between text or graphics is a topic that can apply to both plastic and digital signs, but it’s more applicable for plastic lighted signs, as they require a bigger commitment than digital electronic signs. Digital electronic signs can be updated whenever you please, while plastic signs are more permanent, requiring more thought during the design and production process. (Although, they aren’t totally permanent, as you can always design and order new sign faces to replace your existing ones).

To help you decide what type of content—text, graphics, or both—to use on your custom signs, here are some of the benefits of each one.

Why Choose Text for Your Sign

Some people in the world learn best by reading, and when they’re looking for information, text is exactly what will help guide their decision-making processes. To appeal to these types of people, you could include your business’s name, your slogan, and a bit of text describing what you offer on your sign. By doing so, a large group of your consumers will be able to get the information they want in the most appealing way.

Why Choose Graphics for Your Sign

Text, while effective, doesn’t appeal to everyone. This is because our brains just don’t process text as quickly as we process images. By using graphics on your signage, you’re presenting your information in a way that’s easier to process and often more visually appealing and eye-catching than text. You’ll appeal to both visual learners and those in a hurry, as an image can tell them all they need to know in just a few seconds.

Why Combine Both Text and Graphics

While both of the above types of signs can get the job done, it is easy to tell that combining both graphics and text is going to appeal to the highest number of consumers. Some people may learn best through text content, but they can also respond well to visual cues. A logo or a small graphic that relates to your business or industry can be extremely helpful. The same goes for the visual learners, who can appreciate a few words to provide any necessary clarification along with your image.

Custom Signs for Any Industry

Combining text and graphics in any manner is a surefire way to increase your reach and capture the attention of the most consumers. By including both types of content on your sign, you’ll be able to make the biggest visual impact, stand out among the poorly-designed signs nearby, and create a more positive brand image.

Learn more about the different types of custom signs below to get started with the design process!


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