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When you open a business, you accomplish many things. You may be the the first person in your family to open a business. You might be making a life-long dream come true. You might be a person that values their time more than any amount of money, and now you’ve got control of all of your time. If this is you, and you love your business, one of the most important decisions that you will have to make is what kind of sign that you want to put outside (and inside!) your business. Signs don’t just show people where your business is located, they let people who aren’t looking for you know that you are there. Your business sign is the first meeting you will have with potential customers, and your business’ personality should show through brightly.

Panel Signs

Panel signs could be called, ‘old faithful.’ They are the ones that we think of that hang outside of soda fountains, ice cream shops, and diners. They are the signs of days gone by that make us comfortable, and give us warm, fuzzy feelings of a simpler time. Panel  signs, wonderful though they may be, eventually wear out. Replacing your panel sign is easy with your local sign company, so don’t be embarrassed if your panel sign on your business doesn’t shine as brightly as it once did.

LED Signs

Often credited with driving up business sales, LED signs make waves in any crowd. A variable and changing display can fire off large amounts of information for your business within a few seconds. LED Signs are fun for potential customers, and memorable. You can alter the message, or delete it and change it entirely. Making sure that you’re seen and remembered could be as easy as a one-time investment that changes with your business’s needs. LED Signs will make your business stand out with bright colors and bold messages.

Lighted Signs

Lighted signs are quickly becoming classic signs. Nothing will replace the nostalgic panel signs that hang from historic barbershops, but lighted signs are easily the younger sibling of the classic panel signs. Lighted signs are known to warp overtime, or fade. Staying in touch with your local sign company will let you know what the warranty on your new sign is, and how updating or replacing your sign will be done. While lighted signs don’t have all of the fun moving parts of LED signs, they are still a great way to lead customers to your door by advertising your services.

Combination Lighted/LED Signs

Lighted signs may not have the fun moving parts of LED signs, but they are still amazingly effective at attracting patrons to your business. If that’s still not quite enough, you have the option to combine the two – lighted/LED signs are available to your business for its needs. Lighted/LED Signs are great investments because you’ll maintain the recognizability of a regular sign, but be able to let people know about specials and events that may entice them to your front door.

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