How to Advertise Sales and Specials

You’ve started your own business, and whether that’s a restaurant, a salon, tax service, or any other business, you’re building it from the ground up. There are many challenges small business owners face, but the biggest is convincing customers and potential customers to walk through the front door. Maybe you already have a steady flow of customers, or maybe this is something your company struggles with. Maybe you’ve put ads in the local paper and offered specials and sales to bring people in for an impulse buy. But did you know that one of the best ways to tell customers about your business is with electric signs?

In order for sales and specials to be effective, your customers have to know about them. Putting ads in a local paper can help, but there are a lot of people who don’t read the paper. You could update your business’s website to tell customers about a sale, but for the most part, only people who are already searching for your services or product will find you online. How do you capture impulse buys, which many sales and specials are meant to inspire? The answer is in electric signs.

Did you know that over 40% of new customers can learn about a business from their signage? These could be customers who just drove or walked by your business a time or two and learned about what kind of business you have from a quality sign with a great graphic. Imagine how an electric sign, shining bright day or night, might increase the sales of your business by 40% or more. Now, think about pairing that sign with a changeable marquee sign or a programmable LED sign, and you can tell your customers about your latest sales and specials, too.

While 40% of your customers may hear about your business for the first time from your electric signs, think about all of those people who already know about your business, but just keep on driving by, telling themselves they’ll come check it out some other day. Unfortunately, in our busy, day-to-day lives, that’s how many of us think. If you could draw those same customers in instantly, inspire an impulse buy, and have them leave your business knowing they got a great deal, wouldn’t you?

That’s the power of adding LED signs to great electric signs, and it’s all possible and affordable with Signtronix. Contact us today to ask about how we can help you get your community to notice your business and communicate your sales and specials to customers today!

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