Electric Signs Can Be Used by Any Industry

Which Industries Use Electronic Signs?

Do You Know Which Industries Use Electronic Signs Most?

With new innovations in signage technology over the past ten years, electronic signage has skyrocketed to the forefront of the advertising industry, increasing foot traffic and driving sales for companies across the United States. Because of this, many industries have taken hold of the advantages that electronic signage has to offer. Want to find out which industries are most taking notice of this trend? Here are four industries that are using electronic signage to effectively drive sales to their businesses.

1. Retail

Although retail stores do a pretty good job of getting people through the door, they don’t convert as many people as they could without having LED electronic signage available. Electronic signage takes consumers that are already inside of stores, and engages them to the point that they want to buy products. Retail has grown their foot traffic and their conversion rates substantially through electronic signage alone.

2. Public Transportation

One of the hardest parts about public transportation used to be that you had to have an intimate knowledge of different buses and trains in order to not get lost. Through the introduction of digital and LED signage, public transportation has become much more user-friendly for individuals who are utilizing public transportation for the first time, making it a viable option for more and more people. This decrease in the learning curve not only helps people find new ways to travel about town, it also improves the environment and increases the tax revenue our government receives for taking advantage of public transportation systems.

3. Entertainment

There’s something so exhilarating about seeing an electronic billboard up for a movie that you’ve been waiting to see for so long. The entertainment industry has taken advantage of electronic signage to raise excitement about their productions, especially at premiers, improving their profits and the brands of the actors in their movies. The entertainment industry is a perfect example of how electronic signage has become an important cornerstone of the advertising process.

4. Restaurants

From your local barista, all the way to places like McDonald’s, restaurants have begun to use digital signage to update menus and introduce new menu items in real time. This not only allows for them to have more engaging signage, but it also gets rid of the need to buy new signage every time menu prices change or a new menu item is introduced. They know that buying a slightly more expensive digital sign once is a way better investment than buying new signage every time something changes.

Electronic Signs Are Changing Industries Everywhere

Electronic signs are changing the way that industries advertise all over the world. With the new innovation that comes with new types of electronic signage, foot traffic, sales, and profits are only improving, making for a better world economy, happier families, and making way for new innovations to be more widely known all over the world. Are you considering an electronic signage solution for your business? Signtronix is here to help. Contact a representative today to see what we can do for you.


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