Tis the Season to Get Your Message Out

There’s three weeks until Christmas still.  Plenty of time for those holiday shoppers and planners.  ISLEDWINDOW

It’s now, more than ever, that you need to get your business noticed by all the passing holiday shoppers.  With all the other businesses constantly announcing holiday sales, special promotions, and “Black Friday” and “Cyber Monday (extended again!)” sales – you need to be able to cut through the clutter and be heard.

Here are some suggestions on how to do so and get more customers in your door.

The most powerful storefront marketing tool you could possibly have for your business is an LED changeable message sign.  Yes – I know I sound like a broken record when I keep saying it – but it’s the truth.  We’ve seen our customers, time and time again, have huge increases in customer traffic and sales because of one change – they installed an LED message sign.

1. Announce special sales.  This seems a no-brainer – but it’s amazing to see how many businesses with LED displays DO NOT promote specials or even change the specials when they should.  True story:  one of our salesmen showed an LED display to a nice couple that owned a business in Texas.  They didn’t believe the sign would perform as he said it would.  He said, “OK – let’s do this.  Let’s put the sign in your window and announce “ONE HOUR SALE!  COME IN QUICK!” and see what the results are.

Sure enough – they took him up on his offer and put the sign in the window with that same message.  Within minutes, people started coming in the door asking, “What’s the one hour sale about?”.  Yes – the couple did put merchandise on sale for that occasion and were stunned by the number of people that responded to that simple message on the sign.

2. Change your messages often.  As I mentioned earlier, many times the owners of LED signs don’t change the messages as often as they should, therefore not taking advantage of the abilities of their marketing tool.  Besides specials and sales, let people know about new services or merchandise you got in.  Welcome people into your business with a personal touch.  The possibilities are endless!

3. Help your community.  Besides messages for your own business, what can you do to help your community?  There are always events taking place that needs to be announced or non-profit organizations that need special help.  Let people know about them on your sign!

This is just a very small sampling of them many ideas that can be placed on your sign.  More to come soon!

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