What Makes a Sign Effective?

I hear that question many times when talking to small business owners or people who are just genuinely curious about signs. 

“What makes a sign effective?”

Or another way many will put it:

“A sign is just a sign.  There’s no difference.”

Wrong and wrong.

For decades Signtronix has done research and partnered with organizations that studies the impact of signage on small businesses and our economy.  The truth is – a sign is NOT just a sign.  An effective sign absolutely is difference and must be designed just right.  It goes as deep as how our brains work when we see and remember things.

Our brains react to pictures much quicker and stronger than they do to just words or plain text.  Our memories are made up of images rather than text.

Just take this sign in  this post for example.  That sign, seen from farther away, would immediately be recognized as a coffee place long before someone reads the words on the sign.

The value of beautiful images on a sign vs. just “WORDS, WORDS, WORDS” cannot by overstated.

The More You Tell, The More You Sell!

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