Signtronix Family: Joel & Kelly Pelton

Joel Pelton grew up learning about Signtronix, our signs and our unique way of doing business. After college and other ventures, Joel joined his father, Roger Pelton, and brother, Lance Pelton, in the business of selling signs. He became a part of the Signtronix team in September 1997, and took off from there. After watching Roger sell, manage and mentor so many over the years, Joel was the perfect candidate to step right into the position of Regional Manager.

From the very beginning, Joel’s region was in the top of the standings. His mild manner management techniques have helped him achieve longevity and loyalty among his dealers. Many have been with him for ten years and counting!

Dealers from around the county often visit Joel in San Antonio and seek advice in various areas of our business. His well seasoned team is of value and support in this area also.

Joel and his beautiful wife, Dr. Kelly Pelton, met in college. Together they have achieved their goals and won every contest offered at Signtronix enabling them to travel around the world celebrating their Champion success.

Joel and Kelly have three incredible children Madeline, Joel Jr. and Zoe. All of them are active in sports and other school activities. Joel and Kelly are active in their church and raise their children with Christian values.

For several years now Joel & Kelly have traveled to Europe carrying only a backpack each and hiked some amazing trails to various religious sites. Each time enlightening and encouraging them to reach farther, higher and accomplish more.

Everyone at Signtronix is honored and proud to know Joel & Kelly Pelton and count them as part of our Signtronix family. You are the shining example for all to follow!

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