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Aren’t All Business Signs The Same?

The Lasting Impact of Business Signs

Every small business owner should always be conscious of the way that everyone looks at their business. Are you a well known entity of the community, or are you the ‘new kid on the block’, trying to make a name for yourself? No matter what level you’re at or how long you’ve been around, you can’t overlook the value of brand image. This is why there is such an important emphasis on first impressions. If you don’t already have one, business signs are usually going to be one of the first things that any nearby customers see (or don’t see), which is a huge opportunity that you as a business owner need to be aware of.

Deciding Which Type of Sign To Get

Whether you own a car wash, a pawn shop, or a real estate agency, giving people an opportunity to find your business or important information about contacting you is essential to continued growth. For example, if you’re a real estate agent, you might have a series of open houses coming up that you are eager to promote, but don’t currently have signage located in the right areas. Rather than getting a large sign in one spot that highlights your office, you could invest in a number of smaller outdoor signs and banners that lets potential homebuyers know about the properties.

The type of sign you ultimately invest in will depend on what your goals are. If they’re short term (as given in the real estate example), it’s not going to make sense to spend a lot of money on just one sign. However, if you have a brand new retail store, the type of sign you’re going to buy needs to have a lot more of a lasting impact.

Does The Quality of Business Signs Really Matter?

From a purely subjective standpoint, the way your sign look is going to make an impression on people. If you have an older sign, or people can’t decipher exactly what it is your business offers, that’s a missed opportunity. The quality of your sign is going to be correlated to how people see your business. You may provide extremely high quality products, but it can be hard for people to tell if their sign is run down. Every aspect of your business, from the type of signage to the services you provide all lead towards the impression you make.

Need more evidence of this? Take into consideration the fact that over half of consumers say poor signage or a complete lack of signage will deter them from even going to a business. So, if you’re planning on investing in a sign, make sure it’s a quality one, otherwise you may as well just not have a sign. Both essentially deter customers in the same way.

You Can Communicate Information To Customers

No matter what type of business you own, you can always benefit from communicating information to your customers in an easier way. For example, if you’re a restaurant owner, you can use an LED sign that has changing messages throughout the day, indicating specials you might have going on, happy hour deals, or even just putting up a fun message that sticks in the mind of anyone who sees it. This is creating positive engagement with current and potential customers, and all of it leads to a better impression of your business from the community.

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