Lighted Signs Help Bring Customers Into Your Business

3 Advantages of Having a Lighted Sign

Having a Lighted Sign Has its Advantages

Are you considering getting a lighted sign for the front of your business? There are many advantages associated with lighted signs, including increased traffic, more sales driven, and increased profits for businesses. When you’re trying to brand the front of your business you want for it to drive the largest amount of potential buyers inside so you can convert them into sales. Want to know what a lighted sign can do for your business? Here are the three main advantages of getting a lighted sign.

1. Light Up the Night

Have you considered that you might be missing half of the advertising time that your sign has on potential customers if it can’t be seen from the street? One of the most important parts of advertising is the amount of times that a customer is exposed to your brand. The more that a customer is exposed to your unique message, the more likely they are to end up purchasing your product. Even if you’re closed all night and you’re not trying to drive foot traffic, a lighted sign communicates your unique branding message to people passing by twenty four hours a day, acting as a twenty four hour per day salesman that never takes a day off and never asks for more money. It’s just smart branding to have a sign that people can see both day and night.

2. Go Combo With LED

Lighted signs are great for communicating your branding message twenty four hours per day, but another advantage that they provide for you is the ability to go custom with a half plastic lighted half LED sign. The advantage of this is the message on an LED sign is easily customizable at any given point in time. This means every day you can communicate new and exciting things that are happening in your business that will end up drawing people in through the front door. You also get to test how different messages affect foot traffic, and learn new ways that you can constantly improve your business to provide consumers with what they want.

3. Completely Customizable

Did you know that when you’re creating a custom lighted signs, you get access to the best designers and consultants in the business to make sure that you’re reaching the audiences that you want to in a concise and accurate way? If you’re having trouble with your branding, this kind of access can help you think of new ways to brand your entire business, with the sign included.  This is one of the best tools that you can possibly have in your arsenal for marketing your business.

Get a Lighted Sign For Your Business

If you want to hire a salesperson that works twenty four hours a day, you only have to pay a small fee once for, and will  never take days off, what you really want is a custom lighted sign that can set your business apart from the crowd. Signtronix has over fifty years of experience delivering business custom sign solutions that change the face of businesses forever. Are you ready to get a lighted sign that’s going to drive foot traffic, improve sales, and increase profits? Contact a representative today.


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