Indoor Signs Should Grab Customers Attention in Your Store

Best Places to Put Your Indoor Signs

Have You Considered Placement of Your Indoor Signs?

Correctly placing your indoor signs can be the difference between a converted sale and someone walking straight past your business without a second thought. Though often underutilized, indoor signage is a known tool for bringing attention to products and sales, resulting in an increase in business for the business that used to them. Do you want to utilize indoor signs in order to increase sales for your business? Here are three places that are proven to increase sales from indoor signs.

1. Around a New Product

As part of a market launch, indoor signs are often used to bring new attention to products inside of the store. Customers need for you to tell them which products that they should be paying attention to, and the perfect time to accomplish that is when they’re already in your store. Since you’ve gotten them inside, it means that they already like something about your brand and are a potential customer for the products that you have to offer. By putting indoor signage around a new product, you’re communicating to the customer that these products are the ones that they should most be paying attention to. By communicating about a new product by using indoor signage in stores, you’re giving yourself an increased chance of a successful marketing launch.

2.  Front LED Placement

Wherever the focal point of your store is (meaning where the eye is being drawn most), you should have some form of signage where you can inform customers about potential deals and sales. Best case scenario, it’s going to be an LED sign. The reason for this is that the messaging on an LED sign is customizable at the touch of a button, meaning that you can change the messaging that your customers see at any given point. This gives you the ability to split test how different kinds of messaging affect different kinds of behavior in your customers, so that you can learn how to further optimize your business. Do they respond more to sales, a welcome greeting, company news, or some other form of messaging? It’s going to vary from industry to industry, so make sure that you pay attention to find out how different types of messaging affect the customers in your specific industry.

3.  Corporate Logo

Having your corporate logo displayed indoors is one of the most effective ways that you can reinforce your branding. Remember, you want to take advantage of every opportunity that you can to have customers see your branding, as it reinforces your brand inside of their heads, so make sure that you have your corporate logo displayed both on the inside and the outside of your business to reinforce the brand effectively.

Pay Attention to Indoor Sign Placement

If you want to be successful in business, you have to remember to reinforce your brand as much as possible. That means that you should take every opportunity to reinforce your logo and your brand. Using an indoor sign is just one of the tools that you can implement to make this a reality.


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