Strategic Places to Put Outdoor Signs for Your Business

3 Strategic Places to Put Your Outdoor Signs

Know Exactly Where Your Outdoor Signs Need to Go

Placing outdoor signs in the correct places can affect how much foot traffic and sales that you get inside of your business. The more people that see, and engage with your signage in an effective way, the more sales you’re going to end up making. Are you connecting with the public passing by as effectively as you could be? Is your business sign driving as many sales as you would like for it to? Here are three places where you’re going to get the most engagement from your sign.

1. On the Street

Although often ignored, many businesses end up converting many more sales than their competitors simply by having a sign out on the street. Did you know that more than 80% of the customers that patronize small businesses live within a five mile radius of their location, and typically drive by that business 3-4 times per week? That means that every time that someone is driving past, you need to make your brand front and center. Putting a sign on the street is going to give you the most exposure, as it’s the place with the most potential to attract passing customers.

2. Nearby Billboard

Although you usually can’t get a billboard directly outside of your business, having one nearby to it that has directions to your business is a really effective way of making an impression on tens of thousands of potential customers per day. Make sure that your billboard is only within a few miles of your business, otherwise it’s going to be too far and won’t end up driving any new traffic to your business. Billboards are a little bit more expensive than conventional signage, but the amount of impressions that you can make is invaluable.

3. Right in Front

Of course you want a sign right on the front of your business. This is actually less of an advertising tool though, and more of a branding tool. You’re basically communicating your brand to those who are already entering your establishment, instead of trying to entice people from the street to come into your business. This brand reinforcement can frequently result in returning customers, so it’s an essential part of building customer loyalty. This is the most obvious one, but not having it would be the most disastrous marketing move that you can make for your branding.  

Get the Outdoor Sign Placement Just Right

Ideally, you’re going to have at least three outdoor signs for your business, including a nearby billboard, one on the street to reach people passing by, and one right in front of your business to reinforce your brand. Doing this ensures that your business makes an impression on tens of thousands of people per day, substantially increasing your market share. Do you want to reinforce your brand, exposing as many people as possible to what you and your business has to offer? Make the choice to invest in your signage so you can make a big impression and do as much business as possible.


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