Bring Attention to Your Business By Branding with LED Signs

Branding With Different Types of LED Signs

Which Type of LED Sign is Right For Branding Your Business?

Are you trying to draw new customers into your business? Is it working the way that you want it to? You might need a new custom signage solution to bring you into the twenty-first century. LED signs are some of the most popular sign types that are available today. They’re customizable, they reach people at night, and the lights grab people’s attention in a way that a regular unlighted sign just can’t. Here are three types of LED signs that you should consider for your business.

1. Indoor LED Signs

You want to use an indoor sign if you have information that you need to convey to customers that are already in the store. Many places use this as a form of inventory control, in that they will offer discounts on products that they’re trying to get rid of, making their customers buy simply because you have something on sale. Because things change with inventory so quickly, having an indoor LED sign helps you to communicate new information basically at any time that you want, so if you have a business where things can change quickly, you need an indoor LED sign to help you convey information quickly.

2. Outdoor LED Signs

Do you not have the type of foot traffic that you want? It could be because no one can see your unique branding message. Signs are supposed to communicate your message twenty four hours a day, but it’s difficult for them to do that if they can’t be seen in the dark. Not only can you communicate new information anytime that you want if you have an outdoor LED sign, you can also communicate those messages even at night. If people can’t see your business at night, you could be losing out on up to half of your potential business. Don’t let that happen to you. Make sure that you have an outdoor LED signs so that you can truly communicate with customers twenty four hours a day, seven days a week.

3. Combination LED/Lighted

You want to communicate your message to people passing by at night, but you also want to show your logo and branding message in a unique way. Having a sign that is partly lighted with your logo and partly LED allows you to have the logo that you want, while also having the power to communicate unique messages to customers whenever you want. LED / lighted combination signs are probably the most versatile solution for someone that’s running a business.

Your Business Needs the Right Type of LED Sign

Do you have the kind of traffic and sales that you want for your business? If you could always use more sales, then you should be getting an LED sign to help get your business there. Do you need an indoor LED sign to effectively communicate new information to your customers while they’re in the store? Maybe you want to communicate new messages to customers from the street? Perhaps most popular, maybe you need a combination LED and lighted sign that allows you to convey unique messages whenever you need, while also conveying your unique logo in all of its glory.


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