LED Signs are great exposure for a business

LED Signs at Work

Signs aren’t just for Outdoors

Making your way through the world means looking for and at a variety of signs.  Once you’ve gotten to your location, you’re still going to need to look for this sign and that sign, and then you’ll need to find your way back to your car! Everyone needs and uses signs, and everyone makes their best decisions when they see the information that is often found on signs. Indoor signs can provide more information than you could have known that you needed.

Tea Houses

Whether they are English, Taiwanese, or American, tea houses can always utilize indoor LED signs. Restaurant managers can let indoor LEDs greet customers, show them to menus, and let them know about daily or weekly specials. If the tea house is a pick-up-and-out type of place, numbers can periodically interrupt the message, so that food and drinks can be redeemed in a timely manner. LED signs can make fun shows for your younger guests in another part of the restaurant, and make your life as a manager easier.

Sports Bars

Be everyone’s favorite bar manager with an LED sign. Everyone in there is there to watch their team fight to the finish, and enjoy a drink while they watch the match. But some patrons have hard decisions to make: offer one game, or multiple ones? For smaller bars, multiple games may not be an option. It’s hard, and seems to be unfair, but many people have to choose between one game or another, but not if your bar is equipped with an LED sign. Have your game on the screen, but have your LED running scores from other games in real-time. With an LED sign, your customers can have their cake, and eat it, too.

Department Stores

One of the prime places for indoor LED Signs is inside of department stores. Anyone coming in will have a firm idea of what they’re looking for, but may be reminded that they need something else around their home. If this is the case, LED signs can alert them about deals, specials, and new items that they may need or just want. Besides being aesthetically pleasing to customers, indoor LEDs are a practical investment that changes with your business. Sales in the makeup department might be what your customer is after, but what they really need is a new sweater, and beautiful new earrings.


LED and combination lighted and LED signs are woefully underutilized in schools. There are no better places to make announcements that parents may have missed. Even something as fun as birthday announcements can find their places on the changing screens of LED signs. Making the deal even better, high schools and use LED signs to advertise plays, acceptance to college and to announce changing dates for school dances and prom.


Whether you’re pushing back the morning service, or cancelling the mid-week social, churches have every understandable reason to use LED signs. LEDs could be used to get the attention of the crowd, introduce visitors, and make the church administration’s job easier. Choosing LED signs is for you business, and for the community you serve.

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