Why Do National Retailers Use LED Display Signs?

I came across this flyer we created a few years back and wanted to share it with you.

Many national retailers do use LED changeable message signs, and for very good reason.  They know the investment of a single sign will bring revenue many times the cost of the sign over the years.  Let’s look at the simple answers on the flyer itself:

  • Improve visibility and presence
  • Increase customer traffic
  • Create many more impulse buys
  • Increase revenue and profits

True, true, true and very true.  But there’s much more to these signs that meets the eye.

LED message displays are 100% pure marketing gold.  A business owner with this sign can literally communicate dozens of messages to their potential customers every day.  Do you want to have a one hour sale?  Done!  Do you have a new product that just came in that you want everyone to know about?  Done!  Have a big blowout sale coming up soon?  The LED display can communicate that in a matter of minutes for as long as you like!

But what about building trust and relationships over time with your LED display?  A smart business owner will utilize this message sign by warmly greeting potential customers, making community announcements, or wishing their current customers a happy birthday or any other life celebration.

Creating customer traffic and impulse buys is what an LED message display does the best.  If people don’t know about a product or service you carry – they will never know to come into your business.

The other day I myself was driving through town and I was about to drive by a business that I’ve driven by for years.  But something changed… this business had a new LED message display in front.  And on that sign they displayed a product that I love and haven’t had in some time.  So instead of driving right by like I have over 1,000 times before, I stopped in and became a paying customer.

The value of LED message signs can’t be emphasized enough.  The cost/benefit ratio is truly impressive with these marketing gurus.

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