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5 Ideas for Your Digital Signage

Creative Ideas for Your Digital Signage

Digital signage is one of the most innovative and cost effective forms of advertising at your business. There are endless options for creating content for your digital signage that will help you increase sales. To make the most of your sign, try one of these creative ideas.

1. Incorporate Social Media

If you’ve invested in digital signage for your business, you understand the importance of the digital world and its ability to drive more customers to you. Why not take it a step further and promote your social media channels on your digital signage? Your business may have a hashtag it uses that you can include in your advertising, or you may be running a promotion for anyone who likes your business on Facebook. Incorporating a social component into your digital signage advertising is a fun way for people to engage with your business and get more out of your sign.

2. Capture and Audience with Video

Video is one of the most captivating forms of advertising. Often, video strikes emotions in its viewers, allowing them to connect with the product or service. Use your digital signage as a short, yet impactful commercial for your business. Hire a videographer or have a tech-savvy staff member create a video that showcases why customers enjoy your business. If you’re a restaurant, you may want a video with a family bonding as they enjoy a tasty meal. A veterinary office may way to feature a video of a dog happily recovering from an injury. These types of videos will create feelings of happiness and joy that will make people remember and choose your business.

3. Change Your Digital Signage For Special Occasions

One of the best aspects about outdoor digital signage is the ability to change it as frequently as you’d like. Take advantage of this, especially on national or novelty holidays. An ice cream shop would benefit from having special text such as, “Celebrate the 4th of July with our homemade ice cream,” or “It’s National Ice Cream Cone Day! Celebrate with us!” This reminds customers why your business is part of their holiday celebration and gives them another reason to stop into your business that day.

4. Promote New Products or Discounts

The arrival of new products or new sale items can create a lot of profit for your business, but only if your customers are aware of them. Digital signage allows you to update your sales proposition as frequently as you’d like. Highlighting your the arrival of a new product or your new markdowns will give customers a reason to stop into your store. Creating a sense of urgency will attract customers, driving more business for your company.

5. Show Diversity of Your Products

For retailers, indoor digital signage can add a layer of interactivity to a retail space. For example, furniture retailer may choose to set up an indoor digital signage to show the various ways one couch could be styled. This would showcase how that product could work for many people’s home and styles. Doing so will allow their products to resonate with more people, converting customers to dollars.

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