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How to Increase Sales with Indoor Digital Signage

How To Effectively Use Indoor Digital Signage to Boost Sales

Indoor signs are extremely useful for boosting the amount of money a patron spends at your business. You can draw them into your store with a window display, and also encourage them to spend more money with digital signage throughout the store. Doing so creates points of purchase that prompts customers to add more to their shopping bags, upgrade their service, or add on an extra item to their order. See all of the different ways you might use digital signage inside of your establishment to increase sales.

Showcase an Enticing Window Display

One of the benefits of digital signage is the ability to change the display as often as you’d like. You can create inviting window displays using text and graphics that will make anyone want to stop in. You can customize your storefront, having images switch every week, or as often as every 15 seconds to form more opportunities for engagement with potential customers.

Transform Atmosphere

Creating an environment that puts your products and services at the forefront is key to driving sales. Right when your customers walk in, greet them with a colorful LED sign displaying an image or phrase that would put them in the right mindset to purchase your products.

Simulate an Experience

An extremely effective way of using full-color signages to boost sales is to play video, simulating your product in action so your customer is brought into the experience that they’d need your product for. Think of this as an ongoing commercial for your product that your customer is viewing as they shop. Imagine yourself in an athletic store and there’s a few large LED screens, showing athletes running, swimming, and playing sports in there gear. You’re more likely to buy those products because they are styled and showcased in a way that resonates with you in that moment.

Announces Sales or Discounts

Often times, consumers can overlook sale tags. Make sure your customers know your current discounts and promotions by advertising them on digital signage throughout the store. You can overlay your discounts on beautiful images, or keep it simple with a tri color indoor digital electronic sign that only displays text and simple graphics.

Demonstrate Different Product Uses

It can be difficult to make sure every customer understands the wide range of uses of your products. Indoor digital signage allows you to showcase text and images to give customers a better understanding of your products. Doing so will help a product appeal to more people. For example, a cosmetic shop might have a show the 5 different ways to use a specific product, while a home decor store illustrate the the various ways one kitchen table can be styled. Providing this  range will help people realize how they can use your products in their life.

Promote Upcoming Events

Because you’re able to constantly update your digital signage, you can publicize your special events. Someone might not have known about this event beforehand, but now they will be excited to attend and enjoy the experience or the discount they will get.


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