Digital Signage Can Help in Any Industry 6-24

How to Use Digital Signage for Any Industry

Digital Signage Can Help Your Business Grow

Digital signage displays video or multimedia content that can help your business grow. Whether you choose outdoor or indoor signs, they can be easily changed and display anything from simple messages to high resolution images.

Why Should You Use Digital Signage for Your Business?

Any business can benefit from digital signage and should consider investing in a digital sign for any of the following reasons.

Grow Your Business

Digital signage has a number of benefits that can help your business grow and your revenue increase. Our customers have seen up to a 200% increase in revenue after installing our digital signage.

They Can Be Easily Updated

These signs can be changed as often as your business requires. As a restaurant, you can change it several times a day with messages for breakfast, lunch, and dinner to show the different specials you’re offering for different meals.

Digital Signage is a Form of Cost Effective Advertising

When you purchase a large banner or poster to promote a special deal, you only have a limited amount of use and benefit you can gain from it.  Plus, when you want to promote a new special, you’ll have to purchase a new sign. Digital signage allows you to change the display without any added cost.

Digital Signs are More Fun

Digital signage is more fun than a traditional sign. Digital signage can allow for videos and moving text that grabs more attention than a traditional sign.

They are Better For the Environment

Using digital signage helps cut down on paper waste. Vinyl signs and paper handouts have to be specially printed for each sale and can’t be reused. However, digital signage can be customized and updated to promote any sale without having to create paper waste.

They Can Enhance Customer Experience

Whether providing important information that will cut down everyone’s wait time or entertaining those waiting in line, digital signage can be used to enhance customer experience.

How To Use It In Your Industry


Hotels can use digital signage to welcome guests and help guide them to the front desk. They can also provide phone numbers for customer service or the front desk. If there is a special event happening in the town, like a fair or concert, hotels can use digital signage to help guests find limited time activities.


Offices can use digital signage to welcome guests in their lobby as well as interoffice communication.


Schools can use digital signage to inform students of special bell schedules, school holidays, and assemblies. They can also be used to recognized student achievements or student awards. They can also inform the community of upcoming sports games, plays, or music concerts.

Medical Offices

Medical offices can use digital signage to provide information, like tips for flu season, to its patients. They can also inform patients of policy changes and other administrative changes, as well as provide directions or locations of hard to find offices or wards.


Banks can use digital signage to give more accurate wait times as well as promote the benefits of switching to their bank with videos and pictures that entertain those waiting.


Restaurants can use digital signage to promote their menu specials and promotions. Digital signage is easily changeable, so it can be customized for every meal of the day.

Looking For Digital Signage For Your Business?

With more than 57 years of experience, our signs can help increase business and revenue. We’ve even conducted case studies to prove it. Our clients have noticed up to a 200% increase in business in the first month alone with up to a 400% increase in revenue after a few years.


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