Signtronix 10-Year Warranty

Your Sign Is Protected With Signtronix’s 10-Year Warranty

A business owner can easily spend thousands or tens of thousands of dollars on high-quality signage. That’s a big investment! What would happen if your sign was destroyed in a bad storm or damaged by vandalism? Think about all those dollars going down the drain.

At Signtronix, we make our custom signs using the sturdiest materials possible. However, even the toughest materials can fail, which is why we also back up each one of our companies sign panels with a ten-year warranty against any damage, including weather and vandalism.

Our Signs Are Meant To Last
Your outdoor sign needs to be able to stand up to constant UV rays from the sun, along with rain, sleet, hail and strong winds – all while still looking good. That’s why we make our sign panels out of ultra-tough polycarbonate material, which can withstand almost anything nature can throw at it, including long exposure to UV rays and high winds. Our signs meet Dade County engineering standards, the strictest outdoor sign engineering standards in the entire country. The standards are so strict, because Dade County Florida regularly experiences hurricanes. When we say our signs can withstand heavy winds, we mean it. Watch this video of how one of our signs actually does against a hurricane.

Ten-Year Warranty
Of course, we can’t predict everything, which is why we offer a ten-year warranty on all of our signs. This generous warranty is extremely rare in the sign industry and covers weather, Acts of God, and even vandalism. If your sign panels are damaged due to an accident, a bad storm, or vandals, we will replace it so that you never have to lose your best piece of advertisement.

We doubt that you’ll find another sign manufacturer or company that will offer such a great warranty. Remember when you are comparing custom sign companies, price is only one comparison point. It won’t matter that you saved a few hundred dollars on your sign if the lettering fades quickly in the sun, or if it gets blown down by heavy winds and isn’t under warranty.

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