Signtronix vs. Custom Sign Companies

Business owners can find a custom sign company in just about every town or city in the United States. Custom sign companies provide business owners with a wide variety of signage products that range from simple banners, real estate signs and magnetic car signs to more complicated outdoor advertising products. Basically your local custom sign company is a jack of all trades.

So what’s the difference between local custom sign companies and Signtronix?

Product Specialization: The first difference between Signtronix and other sign companies is that we focus on a very narrow range of sign products. As a sign manufacturer, we produce specific product lines for small to medium-sized businesses that include both indoor and outdoor sign products.

Marketing Driven: All of the sign products that Signtronix produces are created with one purpose in mind: Generating more customers for your business. Often you will find that when you order a sign from a local custom sign company they will ask you,” what would you like on your sign?” At Signtronix are marketing professionals will guide you toward creating an image that promotes your brand and creates instant top of the mind awareness as to the products and services you offer. This generates instant additional foot traffic coming into your business location.

Quality Control: Because of our production techniques we have the ability to produce a signed product with much higher quality control. Each step of the sign creation process is overseen by a team of specialists that are experts at their craft. The finalized product that is delivered to our customers carries the UL (Underwriter Laboratories) listing and all of our outdoor sign products are designed to Dade County wind load standards to ensure that all of our products can withstand hurricane force winds. Every Signtronix sign face panel comes with a 10 year unconditional breakage warranty.

Design Customization: While the frame and components of our signs are mass-produced to the highest standards, the face panel is uniquely a custom design specifically for your business. Our sign faces start with high impact polycarbonate. The signed face is vacuum formed to create a multi-dimensional surface, providing for a higher range of visibility. Next our professional artists use airbrushing and graphic application techniques that bring your custom sign to life. We can expertly reproduce any logos, graphics and even photographs and incorporate them into your sign design. This creates the most eye-catching sign you can find on your street!

The Bottom Line: We combine the benefit of mass production which is manufacturing a higher-quality product at a lower price with the ability to deliver a custom sign designed specifically for your business. This is a process that cannot be matched by local custom sign companies. Use our Contact form to find a local Signtronix representative.

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  1. Do you manufacture your face panels in house, or are they out-sourced? Sometimes the customizations require a professional plastics company to get it just right. Interested to see how you process is with that.

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