Sign Codes Getting You Down? Contact the Signage Foundation

Many city planners adopt sign codes that are either written by other cities (and therefore don’t have any real bearing on their own city) or use very stringent rules simply because they thing signs are either an “eye sore” or will cause accidents and injury because they distract people.  Quick the opposite is the cases with good signage.  We must make that caveat because not all signs are created equal.  I’m talking about a well designed and well built sign that is pleasing to the eye and visually stunning.

Many city planners, city halls, city managers don’t realize that their sign codes are doing more HARM than good for their towns.  Signs do NOT cause accidents or driver distractions.  In fact, many of the signs that sign codes will allow – small or hidden signs – are the culprits for the accidents.

If you have any issues with sign codes in your city please visit The Signage Foundation at  They have a wealth of knowledge about what you can do to fight bad sign codes in order to get the sign you need for your business to be seen and thrive.

Stand for your rights as a business owner to have your business be seen with good signage.

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