Sign Company Creating Custom Business Signs in Charlotte, North Carolina

As technology has advanced over the years, business owners (both large and small) have more opportunities than ever to reach their customers and potential clients. Thanks to online advertising and tools like Twitter and Instagram, you can reach far beyond your business’s physical location. However, there are certain business types that thrive when they’re able to bring in consistent foot traffic such as liquor stores, salons, and dry cleaners. Unlike online retailers, these businesses offer services that can’t be purchased online, and so the people they bring in people. This is where having a more direct approach to marketing can really make a difference for these owners. Even though it is an older method, there is still so much benefit to having a well made sign outside of your location.

Your business sign has a much bigger impact than you may realize. There are so many people in the Charlotte area that are walking or driving past your business who may not even be aware that it is there. Proper signage is necessary to attract people to your business and welcome them once they enter. Studies have actually shown that having ill-made or no signage at all can deter approximately 50% of customers. This alone should encourage more business owners to find and invest in a quality custom sign. If you’re not sure where to start with this process, then the first step should be contacting an experienced and reputable sign company that can help you find the right sign solution. This is where Signtronix can help small business owners across the country thrive.

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Custom Business Signs

If you’re not sure what the best approach is going to be for a new signage, that’s not a problem for us! For over 50 years, Signtronix has been creating custom business signs in nearly every type of industry for both large and small businesses. There isn’t going to be one ‘right’ solution for every single client, which is why we are always happy to discuss the ideas you have for your signs. We create your signs around your business needs. Signtronix makes all kinds of indoor and outdoor signs in a wide range of sizes. We also stay up to date with all of the latest technology as seen in our plastic lighted and LED light signs.

Indoor Signs

Electronic and LED Signs

A custom sign could transform your Charlotte business. Signs are an effortless marketing and advertising tool that are an excellent strategy for promoting your business and bring an amazing return on investment. One of the reasons why something like an LED sign can prove to be so effective is the amount of information it allows you to convey at any given moment. Besides putting your name and logo out there, you can also change up the content depending on what you’re trying to accomplish during any given period or time. Maybe it’s rolling specials you want customers to be aware of, or simply a fun message for any given holiday. A custom LED gives you as an owner the flexibility to create a unique marketing approach whenever you see fit.