Indoor Signs

Indoor Signs:
Easy & Effective Storefront Marketing

Whether your main goal is to attract new business or bring existing customers back for more, indoor signs can help you do both. About 60% of consumers said that the absence of signs deters them from entering an establishment. Well-designed and quality-constructed indoor signs can help you portray your business in its best light and increase your sales on a daily basis. These versatile signs can be displayed as window signs to attract the attention of both pedestrians and cars passing by your business—or throughout your store to advertise specials or draw attention to certain items on display. Choose from plastic lighted signs with changeable panels or LED signs that can be programmed with your specific message each day.

Studies show about 50% of impulse purchases are a result of signage drawing consumers to the point of purchase.


Lighted Signs


Constructed from a nearly-indestructible polycarbonate material, illuminated by instant-start fluorescent lighting, and held together with a high-quality aluminum frame, each of our plastic lighted signs is designed to draw the right kind of attention to your business for years to come.

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LED Signs

An LED display sign is a striking and effective way to advertise specials, drive more customers into your business, and promote certain products. Electric signage in stores influences shoppers to spend up to 30% more time browsing, increasing the likelihood that they spend more.

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Combo Lighted/LED

Car Shop Indoor Combo Plastic Digital Sign

Integrate a plastic lighted sign with a digital electronic sign (or any other combination of signs) for the most effective and visually-appealing advertising. We’ll help you combine two ideas in the most cohesive and eye-catching way. You’ll get the most exposure at the least cost to you.

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The Value of Signtronix Indoor Signs

Our clients have experienced a steady rise in business year after year, increasing revenue up to 400%

If you own a business, your goal is to successfully capture the attention of new and repeat customers each day in order to increase your profits. With the right indoor signage—well-designed and expertly-constructed—you’ll be able to easily reach your target customer base. Consumers believe a small business should have on average two or three signs around its storefront, according to a nationwide survey. Indoor signs are both a cost-effective and time-effective form of marketing and advertising. All it takes is a one-time investment of your time and money to reap the benefits of increased exposure and business for years.

For more than 5 decades, we have been specializing in outdoor and indoor business signs, helping business owners easily market and advertise their products and services. The sign professionals at Signtronix take pride in three things above all: the quality of our products, our knowledge of the sign industry, and our experience helping make visions come to life. Using professional designs, premium materials, and proprietary processes, we’ll create a sign for you that will improve your business and your life.


  • Indoor Business Sign for a Bear Lake Drugs Store
  • Indoor Business Sign for a Burger Restaurant
  • Indoor Business Sign for a Mexican Grill Restaurant

How Our Signs Are Made

The first step of the sign-building process is for you to meet with one of our sign representatives at your business. We’ll analyze your current signage, discuss your goals and vision, and then help you choose the right indoor sign or combination of signs. Our representatives can help you design your own sign, or one of our in-house designers can bring your vision to life. Once finalized, your design will be sent off to our 80,000-square foot manufacturing facility in Torrance, CA to be constructed out of sturdy, high-quality materials—like our ultra-durable polycarbonate material and high-output fluorescent lighting. We’ll then ship it to your business, where you’ll be able to see the positive difference that high-quality indoor signs can make almost immediately.

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