Signtronix Employee Welding An Outdoor Sign

Signtronix Design and Construction

At Signtronix, we offer quality construction and design expertise to give you a well made sign that can stand up to all types of weather.

Sign Construction: We use extruded, anodized aluminum to build the frames of our signs. That means a sign from our company can even stand up to hurricane winds. The aluminum creates an attractive frame with a satin finish that’s as sturdy as it is attractive.

Signage Lighting: You can easily spot a cheap, poorly made sign by looking at how it’s lit. These signs often have shadows and dark spots that interfere with the design and how well the sign can be read, particularly at night. We only use high output fluorescent lighting that starts instantly when the sign is turned on without flickering. We also construct our signs with ballasts that are heavy duty and designed to be used outdoor to make sure your sign can stand up to all sorts of weather.


Panel Creation: Our sign panels are guaranteed for 10 years. We can offer this guarantee because of the almost indestructible polycarbonate material we use that can stand up to hurricane winds, hail, all types of weather and even vandalism.

Easy Mounting and Installation: Our signs can be mounted in a variety of ways to make them more convenient options for your business. We provide the brackets and ship your sign with them already attached to make installation easy and let you mount your sign where you choose. Remember to mount it in a place that’s visible from the highway to get the maximum benefit of the advertising.

Sign Design: Signtronix can put your choice of photo, image or logo onto your sign. We understand you may have ideas about how to brand your business. We’ve designed over 600,000 signs and we have over 50 years of experience, so put that to work for you and let us design a sign specifically for your business. Our designers and artists want you to love your sign so we’ll work with you to make sure you get a sign that you’re completely happy with.

View our online sign design gallery or Contact one of our happy design experts to discuss your custom sign.

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