Sign Design: First Read Concept

When you drive towards your business and see your sign – what do you see first?  Is it your business name?  Is it an image of what you do?  Is it a phone number?  What you place as the “first read” elements on your sign can determine whether the customer stops by or just drives on by.

As I’ve mentioned before, designing an EFFECTIVE sign is an art and science combined.  One of the more important aspects of a sign is the first read concept.  When a potential customer sees your sign – what is the “first read”?  What do they see and comprehend first?  Is it the WHO of your business?  Or is it the WHAT of your business?

WHO vs. WHAT is very important.  When people are searching for types of businesses or services, they aren’t looking for a specific name (“Jim’s” in the name “Jim’s Auto Repair”) – they are looking for the type of business they need at that time (“Auto Repair”).

Does your sign have the appropriate image or eye-catching text that headlines WHAT your do vs. WHO you are?

Here’s a wonderful document that beautifully illustrates the “First Read Concept” and explains what a sign design should look like for maximum visibility and readership.

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