Business Signs Can Increase Customer Traffic 6-22

5 Types of Business Signs

Using Signs Can Increase Customer Traffic

No matter what kind of business signs you use, using signage to promote your business helps increase customer traffic and sales revenues. Depending on your business location, you may have a few options for the types of signage you can use. For example, if you’re located in a shopping center, you will likely have a sign on the shopping center’s advertising as well as on your storefront. If you are interested in purchasing a sign for your business, there are several types you will want to consider.

Pole Signs

Pole signs typically promote one business on a sign that is held up by a pole. These signs are usually large and attract attention from people driving by. These business signs can be lighted or unlighted. Sometimes they feature LED signs to allow for frequent changes, like sales or promotions. These are the most effective way to capture the attention of people driving by. They’ll easily be seen and the use of a digital sign will further encourage people to look at your business.

Wall Signs

Wall signs come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They can be plastic lighted signs or LED signs and are displayed on the front or side of a business, depending on which makes more sense for your location. These outdoor signs help people on the street find your business.

Blade Signs

Blade signs are the signs that stand out perpendicularly to the side of a business. Not all buildings allow this type of business sign, so be sure to check with your building code before ordering and installing one. These signs can feature business logos and help people walking along the sidewalks find your business. These signs can also be internally lit for added visibility at night.

Directional Signs

Directional signs help people find your business. They feature the business name along with arrows or specific street name. Most businesses don’t need directional signs, but if your business is located in a rural area or is particularly difficult to find in a shopping complex they can increase customer traffic. If consumers can find your business, they can increase your revenue!

Pylon Signs

Pylon signs are the large signs used by shopping malls to advertise all the businesses in the center. These business signs are large and extremely visible from the street making them extremely effective. If you’re shopping center has a pylon it is in your businesses best interest to be included no matter the size of your sign, because they attract attention. If allowed, you’ll want a bright, outdoor digital electronic sign to help you stand out amongst the others.

Using Signs to Promote Your Business

No matter the industry, using business signs is a great way to advertise your business. Using a sign to promote your small business can increase your customer traffic as well as your revenue. Our signs have been proven to increase revenue in small businesses up to 200%. We’ve conducted several case studies to show just how effective our signs can be.


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