Artist Taking Orders For Custom Signs

The Process of Ordering Custom Signs

Follow This Simple Process for Ordering Successful Custom Signs

Custom signs are the most cost-conscious form of advertising for your business. Not only do you gain hundreds of impressions a day, giving you a great return on investment, but custom signs also impact your business in other ways. You are able to build brand awareness, improve the reputation of your business, and entice people to stop in. Signage is a simple way to improve your business, no matter what industry you’re in.

When you’re ordering custom signs for your business, sign professionals will guide you through the process and build beautiful signage for your location, so you know your business will be successful. When you’re thinking about purchasing signs for your business, follow these simple steps.

1. First, realize your business needs signage.

Of course, before you decide to invest in custom signs, you’ll identify the need for them. Do you have current signage? If not, you could be missing out on 60% of consumers who say the lack of outdoor signs deters them from entering a business. Are your signs dated, worn, or easily overlooked? Not all signage will bring customers into your establishment—only aesthetically-pleasing and well kept signage will.

2. Pinpoint the main goals you’d like your advertisement to achieve.

In order to make your sign work for your business and needs, you need to identify what it is you’d like the sign to do for your establishment. Your goals can influence the design, colors, size, shape, and location of your sign. Communicate with your sign professional about what you’d like your sign to achieve so they can ensure all of these factors work in your favor.

3. Find a sign company to work with.

Finding the right sign company can be the difference to an eye-catching sign or an eye-sore. Look for a company that has experience and can prove their success. Also listen to what past customers have said about the company’s design, service, and success. A reputable sign company will have satisfied customers, years of experience, and proven results.

4. Make decisions on the different types of signs for your business.

There are many different sign options you can use for your business. Each one offers a distinct advantage. First, you’ll have to choose between outdoor and indoor signs . Next, you’ll decide between plastic lighted signs, digital signs, or a combination of both. If you’re unsure of what to choose, your sign company can point you in the direction of which will be most effective for your business.

5. Design your custom signs.

A sign designer will help you bring your vision to life. They will take your idea for a logo or effective visual and create an attention grabbing sign that won’t be missed. They’ll use specific colors that either match your brand or enhance your goals. Their skill and expertise allows them to craft signage that captures an audience and delivers the message of the business.

6. Your sign is built for you.

Once your sign is designed, it will be sent to a manufacturing facility to be constructed. A great sign company will use high-quality materials and lighting, so you have long-lasting and visually-appealing custom signs for years to come.

7. Install your custom signs and notice results.

Your sign will be delivered right to your business location. Simply install it in a prominent place, which your sign professional can help you decide, and watch as it brings in new customers.


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