5-8 Graphics Used for Custom Signs for Local Businesses

Advantages of Text and Graphics On Your Custom Sign

Why You Should Use Text and Graphics On Your Custom Sign

When conceptualizing the design of your custom sign, consider the appeal of both text and visual components. Although there are certainly situations where a text-only content or visual-only content would work well, a general rule of thumb is that using them together will have the biggest impact—especially for outdoor signs, which are designed to attract new customers. This combination will help ensure you reach your ideal audience and convert potential clients into repeat customers.

These are a few of the advantages of using both text and graphic content for your business’s custom signs.

Define Your Brand Visually and Textually

Within a matter of seconds, a potential customer can determine whether or not they’re interested in your company. Having both text and graphics on your custom sign can be the difference between someone choosing to use your business or not. Your text allows you to define your brand by your business’s name, slogan, or a few describing words. Your graphics will better express the personality and target customer of your business. This strategy will provide potential customers with both a visual and textual representation of your brand, giving them a deeper understanding of your company in seconds.

Better Chance for Brand Recall

Displaying both text and graphic on your sign increases the chance that a potential customer will remember you business’s advertisement. Some people respond better to text. A custom sign with your business name, catchy slogan, or value proposition will help someone remember your company and what makes it unique. On the other hand, graphics are more eye-catching. Someone driving by your custom sign can easily process your message in a matter of seconds. When they need to go to the pet store, they’ll remember the image of the happy dog on the sign down the street. This combination of text and graphics increases the likelihood a potential customer will think of your business when they need your product or  services.

Create Better Brand Awareness

Unless you’re using indoor signs, it is ideal for there to be some type of textual component to go along with the visual, because you don’t want to make it difficult for someone to find your business or understand what it offers. Combining text and graphics trains your customer to associate your logo, product, or services with your brand name. For example, a flower delivery company would want people to think of its business when they think of flowers. That way, when that person wants to purchase flowers or know someone who is looking for a flower delivery service, that business is at the top of their mind. The visual and textual aspects work together to make that connection between a product or service and a brand.

Custom Signs for Your Business

Every business can benefit from the use of a well-designed indoor or outdoor sign that features visual and textual elements. Explore the various options we offer business owners interested in custom signs below. We can help you create a eye-catching sign and drive customers to your business!


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