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6 Times When You Should Upgrade Your Business Signs

How to Know When It’s Time to Upgrade Your Business Signs

Your business signs are crucial components of your local advertising that can positively, or negatively, impact your brand and sales. To make the most out of your signage, it’s important for you to know when it’s necessary to upgrade your business signs.

These are a few situations when business owners should upgrade business signs.

1. You Redesigned Your Branding

You want all of your branding to be consistent, from the business signs in your store to your website.  If you’ve recently redesigned your logo, business name, color scheme, or any other visual components, your business sign should reflect those changes as well. This will ensure your brand is recognizable across the board.

2. Your Old Business Sign is Dated

With so many types of signs on the market, you want to make sure yours is up-to-date. Take advantage of the innovate signs available, like full-color electronic LED sign, which has the capability to display video and graphics. A new, eye-catching business sign will give your business the advertising it deserves.

3. You Renovated Your Location

If you’ve just spent thousands of dollars upgrading the inside of your business, you want your signage to represent that. Enhance your curb appeal with a new outdoor sign that will make customers aware of your new look and encourage them to stop in. Using indoor signs throughout your newly revamped space will also add to the customer’s experience. The use of visual  signage throughout your establishment gives consumers another way to enjoy the space and increases the likelihood of them spending more.

4. Business Near You are Using Digital Signage

If your business is in a popular location, you want to make sure your company stands out amongst the others. If surrounding business aren’t using digital signage, you’ll have the upper hand. If other companies in the area are using digital business signs, then you definitely want to upgrade your signs so that they don’t get overlooked.

5. You Want to Increase Local Sales

It’s no secret that signs target potential customers that are in close proximity to your business. While online advertising can be beneficial for e-commerce, business signs are ideal for attracting local consumers, which is crucial for companies that provide services or that want to drive retail sales. Business signs are designed specifically to target the audience you need to visit your location for your products and services.

6. You Want to Save Money

If you’re constantly purchasing plastic signs or banners to promote special sales, discounts, and events, investing in an LED sign is a cost-effective and visually-pleasing solution. With and LED sign, you’ll be able to change the text, graphics, and visuals as often as you’d like, so you can run hundreds—or thousands—of advertising campaigns year after year.

Custom Signs for Any Industry

When you’re ready to upgrade, you can contact us for a custom quote. We’ll assist you in choosing the right sign for your business, whether you’re looking for indoor signs or outdoor signs. To learn more about our signs, click below.


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