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Best Uses of Text and Graphics on Custom Signs

Creating an Attention Grabbing Sign with Text and Graphics

The success of a custom sign comes from the text and visual components used. Sometimes business owners choose to use just text or just visuals, but we suggest using a combination of both to make the most impact. Each will offer you a distinct set of benefits, so you’ll maximize your investment by utilizing both.

You can use text and graphics on custom signs that are plastic or digital, so whichever you choose, you’ll be able use both. However, because the content on  plastic lighted signs are permanent, as opposed to digital electronic signs that can be constantly updated, you want to take time to make the most aesthetically-pleasing design. You can always update your sign panel if you rebrand, however you want your design to represent your business for at least a few years.

Here’s why we recommend you use both text and graphics on your custom signs.

Text identifies business name

When someone sees your custom sign, you want to make sure they see the name of your business. That way they can remember it or look it up online to learn more about your business.

Graphics are processed quicker

For potential customers driving by, graphics are the quickest way for them to understand what your business is about. The brain processes visual aspects faster than text. When you only have a few seconds to make a lasting impression, graphics are the way to go.

Text promotes your products and services

It might not be completely clear what your business offers just from an image. For example, a beauty salon might use a graphic of a woman’s head. On its own, someone might not know whether you sell hair products or you cut and style hair, or if your business is something completely different altogether. Minimize the vagueness and don’t leave anything up for interpretation. A slogan or list of products will help identify your business to new customers.

Graphics reinforce your offerings

You want to correlate your brand with your product or services. If you are a restaurant and you have an image of a burger along with your business name, people will assume you serve burgers. The next time they crave a burger, they will likely remember that image and recall the name of your business. Having graphics reinforces the products and services of your establishment.

Text displays important business information

Another benefit of using text is to display relevant information to your business, such as a phone number, website or directional cues like “entrance around back.” These textual aspects will help you get the most out of your advertisement.

Graphics captivate an audience

When we are driving down a road and see dozens of signs, one with colorful graphics will stand out amongst the rest. Our eye naturally is drawn to visual images and is attracted to color. Using visual components will help your sign be seen by the most people possible.

Using both text and graphic on your custom signs will enhance your investment. Contact us for a free consultation and sign design.


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