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How to Effectively Place Your Business Signs

The Various Ways You Can Display Business Signs

Placing your business sign in the right location can have a large, positive impact on your business. Where you display your sign is often determined by the area of your establishment and/or your goals. Depending on your business objectives, you will select between an indoor or outdoor sign. Indoor signs are effective for increasing impulse purchases, whereas outdoor signs are more successful in attracting new customers. After deciding between those options, you’ll be able to choose your size and whether a plastic or LED sign will be more effective for your business and where you should display it. Follow these guidelines for strategically placing your business signs.

How to Successfully Place Indoor Business Signs

Indoor business signs can capture the attention of people passing by your establishment on foot. A window display is a simple way to catch their eye and encourage them to make an unplanned stop. A plastic lighted sign can advertise your business all night, promoting your products or services to those walking past in the evening. An LED sign can better attract consumers because of its ability to change as frequently as you’d like. Place a LED sign in the window to showcase your daily specials and promotions that will entice people to enter your business.

LED Signs are also extremely effective when used throughout the store. Place one near products you’d like to promote, such as a sale section or new product display. You can also use them near the cash register for last-minute purchases. Another option is to use an LED sign to upsell a product or service. Place it near the front where customers decide on what services they’d like. A sign displaying a premium service will influence them to select that service.

Where to Place Your Indoor Signs

  • In the store window
  • At a point of purchase
  • Near the checkout area
  • In a customer waiting area
  • Where customers learn about services

How to Successfully Place Outdoor Business Signs

Placing an outdoor sign may seem straightforward, but there are actually several options you need to consider. When you’re ordering an outdoor business sign, consider if your business is on a busy street, if you’re allowed to have a pole in the area, and whether most people will be passing by on foot or in a car. These are the major factors you need to think about when placing your sign.

If most of your potential customers will be driving by, you want to have a large, legible sign that can be seen in the day and night. A combination of a plastic lighted and digital sign will have the biggest impact. It’s also the best option if you’re on a crowded street because you don’t want your business being overlooked by hundreds of potential customers.

If your business is located on a street that gets heavy foot traffic, you can use a sign mounted on the front of your building. If a substantial amount of people are walking or driving by, you might also want to consider a sign that pops out off of the front of the establishment at an angle. This will make it easily identifiable to passing consumers. A plastic sign is likely the best option for this type of location.

Where to Place Your Outdoor Signs

  • On a large pole in front of your business
  • On the front of your business
  • Popping out from the front of your business


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