Business Sign with the signage just saying Business Closed

How Business Signs Speak

Your Voice, Heard Outside through Your Business Sign

Your business is your pride and joy. Any success is because you worked hard at being strategic, had a little luck, and made the cut in your community. You’ve got a quality product or service, and everyone knows now. While you should be very proud of yourself, don’t forget that part of the reason you’re riding on Cloud Nine is because of your business sign. Your business sign is the first encounter that people have with your business, and you wouldn’t be able to thrive without it. Whether you realize it or not, because your sign is a customer’s first encounter, it sends a variety of messages to any person by simply existing.


Only a handful of places actually choose black signs for their business. These usually come with white lettering, and almost always are backlit. Getting a black sign would, theoretically, be the thing to do. So few people have dared to do it, it’s a rarely-done and little-seen way to get attention to your business. The downside, of course, is simply the color – black is still hard to see at night, and can affect the spirit of your sign, your business’ first impression. Most children’s stores usually have pastel colors on their signs. This doesn’t mean, of course, that only children can enjoy or appreciate pastels. Pastels are just light, and carefree, the way someone would imagine children. Adult clothing and lifestyle stores tend to have darker and primary colors on their signs. Similarly, you’re more likely to see bright or light colors at casual restaurants, and darker colors at places that have more formal dining.


Can you imagine a retail store that specializes in fishing and tackle equipment with old English font or calligraphy on their sign? Not only is that out of place, but you may find some upset people at your front door. The font that you choose for the sign on your business is arguably more important than the color, or what the sign actually says. Font is a graphic itself, and an influential graphic. Choosing the right font is a process that will yield great results for a business that emphasizes details. That same store would greatly benefit from an easily legible, even playful font.


The fishing supply and tackle shop probably isn’t going to choose a unicorn for a graphic, but this could be exactly what happens if you choose not to get your business sign from a professional sign company with years of tenure in the community. Carefully choosing graphics is always the best you can do, if you choose to include them. Be more concerned, though, that any and everyone know the name of your business – unless, of course, you’re paying homage to Prince.


Outside, and visible for miles around is the name of the game for nearly every business. Attracting customers to the entrance of your business is the main purpose of your sign, and now that you’ve made sure to effectively communicate the purpose of your business through your sign, you’ve got a great start to the rest of your business day.

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