Custom Business Sign that is lit up and says Product

Why We Can’t Live without Custom Signs

Custom Signs are Here for a Reason

Where would we be without custom signs? You probably can’t imagine! Even long before big businesses and modern conveniences, custom signs were the way that people told you where you were, how or if you were welcome, and where to go once you got to one place. Today, though we take them for granted, signs are all about making sure that we know where to go, and how to get there. Having customs signs enables us to be more efficient, and to communicate more thoroughly with anyone and everyone around us.

Where to Eat, Sleep, and Live

What do you do when you’re very hungry, but don’t have time to sit down and have a meal? You look for a convenience store, or restaurant, of course! But what if entire blocks of buildings just had blank pieces of plastic pasted to them? Can you imagine how incredibly frustrating that would be? You would have to drive to an area, get out, walk around, and ask every establishment if they served food! And if you’re on a special diet, you’ve got a whole other conundrum, and you’ve got limited time to resolve it. Replace food with extreme tiredness, and both can amount to an extremely uncomfortable situation. When you see the sign for your favorite mini-mart, you know what is inside, and you know how much you need to get what you want. The same for your favorite hotel chain. For a business, effective communication begins with custom signage, and custom signage is exactly what we look for when there is something specific that we need. While we can’t exactly call this a human instinct, everyone learns early on that, because of signs, there is no need for the terrible and frustrating scenario of approaching every business in search of something to eat, or a place to sleep. This also rings true for apartments – the exterior condition will probably say it all, but you’ll know what you’re in for when you see a sleek, sophisticated sign in a well-kept garden.

Where to Go, and How to Get There

Let’s not forget the most important custom signs to most adults in the developed world: the ones on freeways and streets. Getting in your car and driving is an investment of time and money when you consider distance and gas. It’s always best not to waste time and money. Custom signs actually help you protect both your time and your gas by showing you the name of the freeways, the names of exits, and the numbers for the exits, too. Though you may not think about it, your government’s investments in these custom signs is the difference between employment and unemployment for many people, and saves a mountain of frustration for countless people who are on road trips, or visiting family and friends.


Signs aren’t just advertising, or freeways – they are also an essential part of where we live! You can’t have anyone over if you have no way to indicate the building and unit in which you live. Taking pride and showing appreciation for custom signs may not be normal, but you know you’d be lost without them.

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