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Why Your Car Wash Needs Custom Signs

What Custom Signs Can Do For Your Car Wash

Any business in any industry can benefit from the marketing and advertising benefits provided by custom signs. One industry, in particular, is especially suited for custom signs: the auto industry. And even more specifically is a sub-industry within that: the car wash industry.

How often do you schedule time out of your day to make a special trip to get your car washed? For most of us, a trip to the car wash isn’t ever really just on the top of our minds—unless you just got back from an off-roading trip through the mud. A more typical scenario is that you’re driving home from work or out running errands and you pass a car wash on your route. You’ll see the sign and decide that, yes, your car could definitely use a quick rinse.

So what does this mean for you if you’re a car wash owner? The majority of your potential customers are going to be impulse buyers like in the above scenario. And in order to gain their business, you need something outside of your car wash to effectively capture their attention—which is what custom signs are made to do!

Your two basic options for custom signs are plastic lighted and digital electronic signs. Here are a few ideas for how to use each type of outdoor sign to your advantage.

Plastic Lighted Custom Signs

Plastic lighted signs are made from high-quality materials and designed to last for years and years. Featuring a fixed sign face, plastic lighted signs let you decide how you want your brand to be seen by the public. A well-designed sign with your business name and logo can help passing drivers notice your car wash from afar, convincing them to stop in for a service.

Digital Electronic Custom Signs

Compared to plastic lighted signs, digital electronic signs let you communicate specific messages to your community. While a plastic sign features one image, digital electronic signs can be programmed to display whatever content you’d like at any time. Depending on the type of sign, you can display text messages, graphics, animations, and even high-definition video on your sign.

The uses for a digital electronic sign are nearly endless. If your car wash is having a slow day, you can use your sign to advertise a special, limited-time-only deal. If you’re now offering a hand-detail service that you’d like to promote, your digital electronic sign can help you let passersby know about it.

Design Your Own Custom Signs

Custom signs have the power to bring your car wash more business every single day—without you having to put in any additional effort. Your consumers are looking for signs to tell them where to go when they’re driving by, and with the right signage out front, you’ll be able to effectively direct them toward your car wash.

If you already have a sign design in mind, we can help you bring it to life. If you aren’t sure what to display to the public, our sign designers can help you create the perfect sign to represent your brand and bring you more business.


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